Sunny Leone in HOT HOT new Video Tour for!

At Friend Finder Networks, we are ready to turn your traffic ON! We just launched a brand new video tour featuring the always lovely Sunny Leone! Watch Sunny tease, strip, and titillate with her very naked girlfriend as she walks each surfer through the profile creation. Your surfer won't even know he's filling out a profile, he'll be so mesmerized!

Where Do I Find the Video?

Log into your account at If you have an affiliate account for any AdultFriendFinder site, then you can just log into that account, then in the top menu bar click "Other Sites to Promote" and you'll find in the list!

If you don't have an account with us yet, click here to get started!

Now that you're in the affiliate area, click "Tracking and Promotional Tools' in the top menu bar, and select "Banners and Other Promo Tools." The under "Flash Banners" select "Video Tour."

How Many Times Will Sunny Strip for Me?

As many as you like. The tour can be shown in twelve languages, so it's VERY internationally flavoured. Just pop in your gid and an optional subpid for your own traffic tracking purposes, and you're ready to rock n roll!

What About Your Other Sites?

We have video tours available on a few other of our sites as well. For, our best tour right now is the PG tour starring a cute young couple who help your surfer find their match.

If you have any questions, please contact your affiliate manager or you can talk to any of our team:
Andrea at yahoo# monkeygunnagetchu
Sagi at icq #348950862
Sean (Irish Pimp) at icq #147498861 or aim salesstreamray
myself at icq# 8526983 yahoo# streamrayelli