I'm selling out my adult domains. There are several dictionary domains, some typos, many of these get traffic but I'm not tracking it. Most are on some sponsors program and some make a little money. There are several good names here, registered privately with 1&1 and a few with Godaddy.

I've included brief descriptions of what I had planned or thought about using the sites for.

Thanks for checking it out... Give me a bump while you're here!

Reply in the thread with your bid or send me a PM if you have an offer.

The bidding for each name starts at $10.

-- .net's --

AnalBleach (dot) net ** Nothing quite like a bleached asshole **

GapingAngels (dot) net ** Gaping Angels are fuckin hot **

-- .com's --

1-dick (dot) com ** Just 1 dick? **

1FreeDVD (dot) com ** Get your free DVD movie **

AlabamaBabe (dot) com ** Nuff said **

AllTeenPorno (dot) com ** It's All Teens **

AmateurPig (dot) com ** Know what a pig is? ** It ain't on a farm...

Anal-Fist (dot) com ** Nuff said **

AnalTeenie (dot) com ** Tiny teens with stuff in their butts **

Ass4Cock (dot) com ** She's got an… **

AssFistin (dot) com ** Nuff said **

AssHavoc (dot) com ** Nuff said **

AthleticPorn (dot) com ** These chicks are in great fucking shape, literally **

BabeFlex (dot) com ** These chicks are flexible… **

BDSM-Babes (dot) com ** Guess what these babes like? **

BlackFleshlight (dot) com ** Promoting the Black case for the Fleshlight **

BoobyTubey (dot) com ** My Aunt always called the television a Boob Tube **

BoobyTuby (dot) com ** Because if you watch it too much it makes you stupid **

BreakYourAss (dot) com ** Someone's ass hurts **

ButtBleach (dot) com ** Nothing quite like a bleached asshole **

BuyVirilix (dot) com ** Promoting the Virilix products **

CockGod (dot) com ** I am the God of Cock, Suck me **

DildoPig (dot) com ** Remember the pigs? These like toys…**

DildoPigs (dot) com ** And more pigs with toys ** These narrow niches are easy to capture traffic

ElasticBabes (dot) com ** More flexible chicks **

ExtremeFisters (dot) com ** When just one fist isn't enough **

FistedBitch (dot) com ** You ain't been fucked til you've been fist fucked **

FistedCunts (dot) com ** Just as the name implies **

FistedHole (dot) com ** Just as the name implies **

FistingBuddies (dot) com ** Sounds like a hell of a friend **

FisttingLessons (dot) com ** Great Misspelling ** I've only promoted the one site

FreeFistingTGP (dot) com ** Build traffic for your fisting sites **

FreshTeenPorno (dot) com ** Only the Freshest Teens, Seriously **

GapingGod (dot) com ** I am the God of Gape, Hear the echo? **

GapingWhore (dot) com ** Ok, Women in general love gaping their holes… **

GayLoveToy (dot) com ** Some boytoy site **

GaysForFun (dot) com ** Some other boytoy site **

GaysTGP (dot) com ** Build traffic for your gay sites **

GothLiz (dot) com ** Liz Vicious promotion **

GuyFisting (dot) com ** Where are you gonna put that ? **

HeavyFisting (dot) com ** Kinda like the Extreme Fisters **

KamikazeBukkake (dot) com ** I kinda like this name… I was surprised it was available **

LightSpeedTGP (dot) com ** Promote Lightspeed sites here.. **

LimberLass (dot) com ** More flexible chicks **

LoveTeenPorn (dot) com ** Don't you just love teen porn? **

MVPCams (dot) com ** Great Cam site name… Most Valuable Pussies **

MyGape (dot) com ** It's mine, not yours **

NawtyBecky (dot) com ** Becky is so nawty… she should be spanked **

PortaPussy (dot) com ** For guys on the road who want to by loyal to their wives **

PumpedPuss (dot) com ** For those who like a pumped pussy

RateMyFisting (dot) com ** Fisted Picture Rating Site **

RateMyGape (dot) com ** Gaping Hole Rating Site **

RodPocket (dot) com ** Put your rod in my pocket **

RodSocket (dot) com ** Put your rod in my socket **

RubberMilf (dot) com ** Look at me, I'm a MILF in Latex or Rubber… **

SelfFisted (dot) com ** Look what I can do! **

SexMedics (dot) com ** Your sex needs medical assistance **

SexTgps (dot) com ** Drive traffic to your sex sites **

SoakedSex (dot) com ** Anyone ever heard of a Pee Fetish? **

SpookyBitch (dot) com ** That bitch freaks me out **

SugrDvd (dot) com ** Sugar DVD Sales **

SybianToys (dot) com ** Sybians are fucking crazy and expensive as hell **

TastefulXXX (dot) com ** For the folks who treat a whore like a lady **

TattooBitch (dot) com ** I love tramp stamps and titty tattoos **

TeenClimax (dot) com ** Teens have orgasms too **

TeenGaper (dot) com ** Teens stretching out their holes… Thinking Kream **

TinySlave (dot) com ** For that tiny chick you want to break it off in **

WideOpenAss (dot) com ** For the ass-spelunker in all of us **

WideOpenAsshole (dot) com ** For the spelunker in all of us **

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