Dear affiliates,

Paxum has issued notice that they will be shutting down all US Personal accounts by Today at 10am est. Below is the statement that was posted on Xbiz as well as a link to the thread.

If you currently receive payment via to one of these accounts, we strongly urge you to change your payment method in your account immediately.

Affiliate payments for were sent out to Paxum accounts on January 4th (to those who met the commission threshold) for the period that ended last week.

We have no way of knowing if your Paxum account is one that is affected, so we urge you to contact Paxum directly with any and all questions that you might have.

As a result of the recent development with US based personal Paxum accounts being closed, we will lower the minimum payment threshold for checks from $100 to $50 for a limited time, starting on the January 15th payout. All accounts that presently have a $100 payout threshold will automatically have that threshold lowered to $50 when we run the payout on January 16th.

While this is not a perfect solution, we feel that it is the best option for those who are affected until an alternative payment option can be found. We urge you to contact Paxum directly if you are uncertain or concerned about the impact of your account, but presently we are only aware of an impact to US based personal Paxum account . If your account is one that will be closed by Paxum, please log in and select a different payment option by Friday, January 12th in order to ensure an on time payment for commissions earned during this pay out period.

Kind Regards,

The Gamma Affiliate Team