Pure Taboo's Prom Night

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The latest scene, Prom Night, stars cute little spinner Whitney Wright who does an incredible job playing a nerdy girl, Julie, who gets gangbanged by the popular boys before her school prom. The scene opens on a bed, as a prom gown is carefully being laid out. It's early evening and a mother is helping her daughter dress for the big night. Whitney seems very shy and reserved as she strips out of her clothes and slowly climbs into the dress. She's been asked out by the most popular boy in school and still can't figure out how it happened.

There is a knock on the door. Julie, now dolled up in her prom dress, opens it to reveal Justin standing there, wearing a suit and carrying a corsage. He looks very handsome. Like prince charming, he kisses her hand, gently slips on the corsage, and invites her to ride with him in the back of his town car. The car pulls up to a clearing and stops. A semi-circle of cars, all with their headlights on, are waiting for them. Several other guys from the school, all in suits, are standing in front of the cars. Justin gets out and walks the confused Julie over to the group. The lights illuminate the girl in her dress, as Justin tells his buddies the good news. Julie is going to fuck them all before prom! Julie looks stunned and grabs Justin by the hand, pulling him to the side... Desperate to look cool for Justin and to not seem like a prude; Julie ultimately agrees to have sex with all of them.

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