Burning Angel's 'My Killer Girlfriend'!

With Halloween around the corner, it's the perfect time to promote BurningAngel.com and the latest series My Killer Girlfriend! The 4 part series is a campy, gory and romantic horror porn starring Carmen Caliente, Joanna Angel, Nikki Hearts, Arya Faye, Small Hands, Roman Nomar and Will Havoc. 2 scenes are already live on the site, with the final 2 being released on the 21st, and 28th respectively!

After a year of cyber dating, Joanna Angel and Carmen Caliente finally met in person. Their first IRL sexual experience is amazing - and everything was going perfectly until Carmen met Joanna's friends. Let's just say they didn't get along... because she stabbed them all. To death. Joanna, blinded by the excitement of her new relationship, is oblivious to everything! Can Joanna's love for Carmen survive her thirst for murder? Find out in this comedic sexy slasher film! Hot sex and gruesome deaths are on the menu for October promotion!

Burning Angel also has lots more cosplay and horror porn that fits perfectly with the season! Check out Cindy Queen of Hell, Vampirella, Trekkie Love, Moms Of Anarchy and the many scenes from A Very Adult Wednesday Addams Part 1 and Part 2! Burning Angel offers a unique vision in the world of porn, that is sure to keep traffic both entertained and cumming for days. Be sure to promote this alt porn powerhouse, and let us know if we can help you promote!