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World's smallest bikini? More like "World's Whoopsiest Whoopsie," as Brooke would say. The "bikini" is nothing more than a thin ribbon, and it doesn't stay in place. Brooke's body is looking better than ever – just in time for her to SHOW more than she ever has before! See her fight a losing battle against nudity in this epic zipset. There's a lot to be enjoyed here - you see her in the “world's smallest bikini” both during the day and the night, with and without baby oil, dry and then soapy, dressed and then showering. You get a lot of ways to look at her, dancing, standing, bending over, looking up from between her open legs, and zoomed in on her naughty bits. There are no moments during this 16 minute video where at least one of Brooke's nipples isn't exposed, if not both simultaneously, and where her pussy isn't slipping out of her thin single string bottom, as the string hikes up between her shaved pussy lips. Near the end of the video, the camera moves twenty feet away and records Brooke showering totally nude, no pasties or covering.

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