View Full Version : Ynot News: Swedish Broadband Provider Wins Appeal in Online Anti-Piracy Case

10-14-2009, 02:00 AM
SWEDEN - Opponents of online piracy would like nothing more than to get directly at the individuals who are illegally sharing and receiving copyrighted works online. The matter isnít so simple for the courts, however, who often have to choose between assisting the owners of intellectual property rights and protecting the privacy of Internet users against possible fishing expeditions. When a similar predicament presented itself to a Swedish appeals court recently, the panel ruled in favor of personal privacy rights.

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10-14-2009, 06:57 AM
I read yesterday some 2.4 million Swedes participates in file sharing. Considering we only have 9 million citizens that's quit a stagging number.

The IPFI’s report was tempered by news from analyst firm Mediavision, which reported this month that 30 percent of Swedes had stopped downloading files illegally since the country enacted a new anti-piracy law in April. Mediavision claimed that many Swedes switched to legal methods of obtaining media online.

Should be mentioned this is not all due to law changes but due to new services like Spotify coming to Sweden. We did not use to have any alternatives for online music. Services like Pandora has not been available to us in the past.

Hopefully more services like this will follow to better monetize online distribution.