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04-26-2004, 02:30 PM
New Webmaster Tools!

There have always been issues integrating hosted galleries with TGPs because of the unique requirements of each script. Our new hosted gallery system is compatible with all major TGP management and Traffic Management Scripts. Our new linking code format actually makes it possible for search engines to index your pages embedded with your revshare ID code.

Another new addition to our Hosted Gallery Line-up are our new Story Galleries. (Sample Here (http://www.amateursgonebad.com/partners/stories/natkejs/breana2)) These new galleries go the extra mile to deliver engaging stories and text that help draw the surfer in, increase keyword visibility, and help make the sale. We are excited about this new addition to the line-up, and are proud to present the first 5 in the series. They promote Amateurs Gone Bad, so be sure to check them out!


The new Hosted Gallery System has been fully integrated with our new affiliate management system, Partnersoft. By combining the features of these two scripts, you are able to really exercise control over your traffic's performance. You will even be able to determine which tour the traffic will go to from your hosted galleries. Now that's control.

Of course, it should go without saying that we have a ton of templates that we offer. Choose your favorite templates to help you make the sale, or leave it empty, and we will try to use the best template for you automatically. We rotate our templates to keep them fresh for your traffic's surfing experience.

Another great feature we've decided to include is the ability to frame all your images with full HTML pages. This makes the picture's appearance nicer for the surfer, but also drive up click through ratios dramatically. And of course, we know how important it is to keep these galleries clean, the HTML frame pages are easy on the eyes (Sample (http://www.amateursgonebad.com/partners/views.php?q=natkejs,breana2,breana02.jpg)).

NEW - Generate Webmaster Sign-Ups with Hosted Galleries

That's right, we are doing everything we can to show our appreciation to our webmasters. Your linking codes will carry over to the webmaster links on the bottom of your hosted galleries, so if some webmaster signs up while surfing your TGP, you get credit.

New BYOT "Bring Your Own Template"
As before we invite you to create your own template, you can customize both the look of the gallery and the optional full-size pic page.
Contact Johan on ICQ to get instructions.
(Johan's ICQ: 3-652-156, put your MP revshare code in the auth request.)


Currently we offer over 1400 Free Hosted Galleries, and more are added every week. For anyone not familiar with the Hosted Gallery, it is a normal TGP gallery that we host, but put your linking codes on, to help you make sales.