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08-25-2008, 12:04 PM
Friends that Fuck Together, Stick Together… Literally!

One...two...a regular screw. Three...four...some friends on the floor.
Five...six...a great choice of chicks! Let your traffic pick its poison be it tag-team group sex, pounding double penetrations, six-on-one action, or the ever popular, interracial swinger screw, Orgy Fantasy (http://www.orgyfantasy.com/?revid=1000&pid=34&tour=1&track=OFpost) has got it covered. Your surfer’s will find here a veritable treasure trove of hardcore where the motto always is “More the Merrier.”

No sex act is left in the dark; cock skewered cuties, a frenzied cluster-fuck, a reaming rampage, girl friends sharing schlong, or ass-to-ass lesbians, all is brilliantly illuminated and vividly rendered. Chuck your keys in the bowl and see for yourself, Orgy Fantasy (http://www.orgyfantasy.com/?revid=1000&pid=34&tour=1&track=OFpost) now boasts a top of the line tour sure to snare those on-the-fence porn enthusiasts.

http://www.thejets.org/pbnew/orgy_400.jpg (http://www.orgyfantasy.com/?revid=1000&pid=34&tour=1&track=OFpost)

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Coming soon:

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If you've missed any, then check out our recent offerings to see porn delivery at its most spiciest:

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08-26-2008, 08:27 AM
Good stuff Chris!