View Full Version : 50+ Exclusive Video Sets Added For Webmasters!

Mr. Goat
07-09-2008, 12:06 PM
Medium Pimpin: 50+ Exclusive Video Sets for Webmasters (http://www.mediumpimpin.com/index.html)

In an effort to make life a little easier for our valued affiliates we have added 50+ downloadable video sets all cut up and ready.

Each set comes in ZIP file format and includes the following:

Four 15 second clips
One 1 minute clip
One 2 minutes clip
One 3 minutes clip
A screen cap for each video (7 total)

We believe this will cater to most webmaster needs and yes, we do allow the videos to be used on LEGAL tube sites.

This is just the begining and you can expect more to come :)

To get your hands on our new promo material just head over to the Medium Pimpin (http://www.mediumpimpin.com/index.html) webmaster section and, should you need any assistance please consult our Support Page (http://wm.mediumpimpin.com/support.php).

Thanks for reading and good luck in your continued promotion of the Medium Pimpin network of Babes & Glamour sites (http://www.mediumpimpin.com/index.html).