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Mr. Goat
06-27-2003, 12:19 AM
Hey all I thought it would be fun and a learning experience if we all shared our knowledge and know how

What I am looking for is for everyone to post Tips, Tricks and/or Advice about anything that will help us all learn or further us in the adult industry.

Anything goes really as long as it is adult related.

You can enter as many times as you wish but for each tip, trick or advice make it a new post.

Contests will run for at least a few weeks so letís get a lot of good advice coming in.

When the thread is closed I will sort through everyone who posted advice and make a poll then everyone can vote for their favorite advice tip or trick

Now the winner of the best advice will win a copy of http://www.tgpxs.com

Awesome New TGP Scrip from our Pal XxXotic!

For info about the scrip or questions about it go to his post here



So let the posting begin!

06-27-2003, 12:22 AM
i want that script gimme gimme

I ain't sharing my secrets though

06-27-2003, 12:32 AM
Hmm cool - i better put my pimp thinking cap on


Teen Angel
06-27-2003, 12:33 AM
I have a few tips for you:

people get scared as soon as someone says make your own banner in photoshop.. well dont be scared... here are a couple of tricks to help you along your way.

a: to cut out the perfect girl so she has no background (you want the banner to be her background)

* open a new file. say 468x80.
* open the girl you want placed in the banner
* ensure the girl is the right size so whatever part of her you want in the banners fits correctly.
* get the lasso tool and roughly go around the outside of her making sure NOT to go inside the area you are trying cut out.. best to stay at least approx 10 pixels away from her.
* Get the arrow tool
* Drag her from the image you have selected and drop her in your new canvas
* select the eraser tool
* zoom your page in approx 300% (bottom left of the screen is a number that will be your precentage delete that and type 300)
* now with your mouse being the eraser rubout the parts you dont want to be seen in you rbanner on teh girl. (generally the background)
* zoom back out to 100%
* Your image should be neatly cut out now.

* type the text you want in the banenr
* select it and make it the size, color and font you would like it to be.
* double click on your text layer in th layers palette box on the right.
* Click stroke down teh very bottom
* play with the settings in here. you cant hurt anything....
* press OK and you should have your text with an outline to enhance it

If you woudl like an image as you rbackground rather than have a plain color do the following:
* open your image you want in the background
* with a marquee tool select the area yo uwould like in the background (ensuring it will be big enough to cover the area you want to make the backgound)
* drag and drop that selection in the banner
* make sure it is the bottom layer by holding you rmouse down on its layer in teh layers palette box and dragging it to jus above the background layer.
* to change the color of your background image (example make it all blue colors) press ctrl, alt U
* slide the bars to see what changes what in you rimages making sure "prveiew" is ticked.
* when you have it to the color you want click OK

SO there you have it.. a few poitners on how to make banners!
Hope that helps!

06-27-2003, 12:45 AM
Damn wish i had some tricks and tips.....hmmmm how about...

never play leap frog with a unicorn

this one time at band camp ......

LOL :boink:

06-27-2003, 12:52 AM
nice tips and tricks there =)

06-27-2003, 12:53 AM
they always helped me lol

06-27-2003, 04:48 AM
damn, i want this prize but i don't know anything usefull the other don't know allready.

one of my advices would be to hide your game console when you have work to do..:corky:

06-27-2003, 05:22 AM
This was an article that I wrote a little while ago for a resource site that I think can be helpful and help save some money..
Conserving Bandwidth with Code Optimization

One thing that some webmasters take note of, yet many others don't realize is the amount of bandwidth one can save by optimizing their site code. Saving bandwidth means saving money and in the adult web industry this can really begin to add up. So at first it may not seem like it's saving you a lot of money by putting the extra effort into efficiently coding your sites, but whenever you begin to multiply this by your site visits it will begin to make a large difference.

I should note very quickly that I'm not going to be covering the actual methods of code optimization in this article, but rather the concept behind learning to optimize your work and how it can benefit you. One of the very useful coding techniques that you can use for code optimization is using Cascasing Style Sheets (CSS) to cut down on a lot of unnecessary, repetitive tags within your source code.

With that said, let's get started with some basic information. Every character in an HTML file is equal to 1 Byte. For example, the tag, as you see it, is equal to 6 Bytes by itself. Okay, so big deal right? Let us take a look at some quick, basic facts that a lot of you will already know and then we'll move on to an actual example.

Data Measurements (in terms of disk space):
- 1,000 Bytes is equal to 1 KiloByte (KB)
- 1,000KB is equal to 1 MegaByte (MB)
- 1,000MB is equal to 1 GigaByte (GB)

I could go on from there, but that will be sufficient for our purposes. Now, depending on the WYSIWYG editor (such as Dreamweaver, FrontPage, etc.) or the style of hand-coding that you use, different things will happen. For my example I'm going to use a page that I created in DreamweaverMX, without touching the source code, and compare it to an optimized page that I have hand-coded myself in which I've used some CSS code and cut out a lot of unnecessary characters throughout.

DreamweaverMX Page - 5,950 bytes (5.950KB):

Optimized Page - 4,021 bytes (4.021KB):

Let's say that I submit the Dreamweaver gallery to a TGP that sends me exactly 100,000 RAW visitors, so the page has been loaded 100,000 times. Please keep in mind that the bandwidth transfer for this example does NOT include images of any kind, ONLY the actual HTML source code.

100,000 page loads x 5,950 bytes = 595,000,000 bytes = 595.0 Megabytes

So submitting a gallery exactly like this everyday, and assuming you get exactly 100,000 raw page loads for every gallery, will come out to 17.85 Gigabytes in a 30 day period. That's just from the *source code* of those 30 galleries! In a year, 365 of these galleries will come out to 217.175 Gigabytes.

Okay, the final assumption will be that you are currently paying $3.00/GB from your hosting provider. So in a year's time, the *source code alone* could cost $651.53 for you to submit a single gallery a day and have it approved to a *single* large TGP. Get every one of these galleries listed on 4 large TGP's that each give you 100,000 page loads per gallery, all of those numbers quadruple! That would be $2,606.10 in a year's time, again, just on your source code!

Now, let's take my optimized, hand-coded gallery and run the same numbers that we did for the DreamweaverMX gallery.

100,000 page loads x 4,021 bytes = 402,100,000 bytes = 402.1 Megabytes
100,000 page loads per day for a 30 day period = 12.063 Gigabytes
100,000 page loads per day for a whole year = 146.7665 Gigabytes
$3.00/GB x 76.066 Gigabytes = $440.30/year
Post 4 galleries at 100,000 page loads each ($3.00/GB) = $1,761.20/year
Amount saved on optimized page compared to DreamweaverMX page: $844.90/year

I can pay my share of the rent for a few months with those savings! Just from optimizing SOURCE CODE! Think how much you would really be saving if you were optimizing all of your banners, thumbnails, and full images properly in addition to that! What if you were getting your galleries listed on more than 4 of the larger TGP's and receiving more than 400,000 page loads per gallery? The savings just keep going up, up, up.

Looking at the source code from both of the example galleries that I've done, you'll see a lot of major differences inside of the code. The Dreamweaver page is supposedly W3C compliant, but the page that I've done works in every browser that I have available to test with. There is very little difference in the way that the page is displayed between the two galleries.

Now you have to realize that the numbers I ran above are purely examples and that these are going to be completely different from person-to-person and page-to-page. But no matter what area you work with in this business, whether galleries, AVS, freesites, or whatever, you can really help your bottom line by using various methods to optimize your source code and saving yourself some money here and there. In the long-run it can, and will, really begin to add up.

06-27-2003, 05:24 AM
You guys can write some damn books...but lots of good info

thanks for the info guys


Baxter :afro:

06-27-2003, 05:25 AM
When I originally wrote that, I could have covered tons more, but stuck with just the HTML code itself, rather than getting into the image optimization as well, hehe.


06-27-2003, 05:30 AM
you write more than i usally say in a normal conversation...so keep up on the info dude.....we are always learning in some way or another...i know i am :crazy:

06-27-2003, 05:32 AM
I am as well.. :)


06-27-2003, 05:35 AM
Ya i thought we all were :drunk: to a certain point also lol

accept for mailman he still:2gay:


Mr. Goat
06-27-2003, 11:32 AM
so far some great info!


Yo Adrian
06-27-2003, 02:52 PM
My tip for the day is Filter Your Traffic!!

Want to improve your conversion ratios? Make yourself a solid traffic filter. Now use your filter to not only target your traffic better but to produce more traffic all on it's own. A good traffic filter is a tool every webmaster should use to improve their ratios and, as a result, bulk up the paychecks. Here's how to do it...

A traffic filter is a network of linked pages that allow your surfers to click on niche specific links, descriptions or images in an effort to narrow down their preferences until they finially find exactly what they want...then you send them to the corresponding Silvercash site. By this time that surfer has spent the last several minutes looking for what he wants and the chances of him buying a membership to the site of ours you send him to improve drastically over simply linking directly to a paysite.

Why Have One?
1. Better Ratios - Send highly targeted traffic.
2. More Sales - Recycle or trade unproductive traffic.
3. More Traffic - Optimize pages for search engines.

How to Make One?
Register an easy to remember domain.
Make a basic homepage with links to 20 popular niches.
On each niche page provide descriptive links to other pages within the same niche, also toss up a banner or two as well as a menu with links back to both the main niche page and the homepage.

On the sub niche page place an FPA to the sponsor site within that niche along with a brief, easy to read description telling the surfer exactly what he'll find along with how much it will cost him. If the sub niche page is 'Small Latina Tits' than emphasize that in the text.

On the same sub niche page provide more descriptive links to other sub niches within the niche, just in case they clicked to the current page out of curiosity. In addition to these sub niche links also provide the menu to allow them to search through other niches.

For traffic that chooses to leave rather than buy a membership you need to include ways of trading them for another fresh surfer before they leave your site. One way to do this is to provide links on the very bottom of this page to toplists or pre arranged link trades.

Once your filter is complete take some time to optimize it for search engines, be sure to make a page with links to all your niche pages and submit that to the engines. On this links page, or 'gateway', be sure to host it on a different server even if it's a free host & link to it from other sites.

Add a small exit console off each page. On this console give the surfer a few last chance links to modified pages within your same filter. To modify them simply make them look differnt from the rest of your filter, even host them elsewhere is possible. This will give your surfer the impression that he's at another site and may surf through that as well, and may end up buying a membership from you despite their intention to leave.

Final Tips
Rather than using only text links, try using images that link to a small gallery of non-clickable thumbnails. Arrange the thumbs around descriptive text and links to both Silvercash and to further sub niche pages.

Within your filter mix in pages that resemble link lists, directories & search engine results pages. The sites appearing drastically different can pull more clicks.

Link to your niche, and sub niche, pages from all of your sites. For example you could make a money bar, a table with links to different niches, but rather than link those directly to a sponsor site you can link to a niche traffic filter page & qualify surfers before you send them.

06-28-2003, 06:01 AM
How to get started with TGP2 and make nice dough from it

Everybody inside and especially oustide of TGP2 is bitching to us about the lack of traffic. Well, I wouldn't exactly go as far as calling it LACK of traffic, we do have SOME traffic. But I agree, the traffic volume is not overwhelming.

What to do?

Well, this is actually a no-brainer. If you're a TGP2 gallery maker than I take it you have a bunch of your own galleries residing here and there. Head on over to tgp2traffic.com and generate yourself a TGP2 site. On this site also list your own galleries. ALL of them. At the top or at the bottom, it doesn't really matter, you choose. Furthermore, the galleries should PREFERABLY reside on the same domain as your TGP2 site. And on each of your galleries add a link back to your TGP2 site. Link to the ROOT of your domain, regardless if that's where the TGP2 is or if there's an FPA there first. If you have an FPA, and maybe a middle page, make sure the FPA links to the middle page and the middle page to your TGP2 main page, alternatively link the FPA straight to your main page.

Once you're done with this, repeat the procedure as many times as you wish, in order to build the amount of sites you want. Once done, link them all to each other and to the rotator toplist.

If your site(s) employs no scripts for trading, then go to http://dmoz.org/Adult/Computers/Internet/Searching/Link_Sites/Thumbnail_Gallery_Posts_2/ and submit each one there. Make sure you don't submit ALL AT ONCE and also that they look pretty different from each other in design and layout. Try submitting one a week or something.

When building galleries, put them on the same domain as either of your TGP2 sites. Link back to at least one of them, or to a hub page where all your TGP2's are listed. Keep building galleries every day, make sure they are not all from the same template and make sure each has different text on. Try submitting your hub or your TGP2 sites to Google and Altavista once a week/every two weeks or so.

Once Google and the rest of the search engines have noticed your site, you'll see some traffic from them in about 6-8 weeks and the traffic can be VERY good.

If you're a TGP2 site owner, then the above procedure is just about as suitable to you as to a gallery maker. The only difference would be that you'll probably have to start building some more galleries.

Also, it'd be a good idea if you could have each domain name reside on its own IP number. My host offers extra IP's for $1/mo, I suppose most will be able to offer you similar deals. This is not a must at first, but it'd be very beneficial once you have many domains on the same hosting account that link to each other, will not trigger the search engines' spam flag as easily.

Mr. Goat
06-29-2003, 11:00 PM
With Some Of the names i see on this board this is the best we can do?

So for the Advice is GREAT but i know we can have more!

lets go People!


06-30-2003, 05:02 AM
My newest tip.....

Dont forget to save all your emails befor you reformatte ouchy


06-30-2003, 11:07 AM
good one!

07-05-2003, 01:14 PM
Here's my tactic for starting a TGP and building a nice amount of traffic to get you off and running, this is my first post here as well...get's be off and running too.

The Start:

Starting a Thumbnail Gallery Post(TGP) is very much like starting a Circle Jerk site but with a few differences. Besides pushing traffic to your trades you also need galleries and you have to understand that a large portion of your traffic is going to be from bookmarkers in order to make some decent money off your TGP site.

Page design

As stated we will get a lot more bookmark traffic to our site so we have to design it with that in mind.

Make sure that the first half of the page contains your sponsor ads, own galleries and a top reffer list to provide some permanent links to your trades. This is for your first time visitors and impulse click behaviour. Below that the galleries should be displayed. Make sure that at least 20% of your listings go to your trades in order for your TGP site to grow. The second thing we need is a good script to handle and list gallery submissions.

Getting galleries:

The first thing we do is fill our TGP with our own galleries. We use freehosting accounts to host our galleries and use free content we get from the sponsors we use. After that we start taking gallery submissions.

The easiest way to ensure plenty of galleries is to get our TGP listed at TGSW, Adult HItkit, Waycool, and the larger resources sites like Ynot's webmaster hangout. After a while you will be able to see which gallerybuilders bring in the best galleries and you can give those preffered listings.

First Traffic:

Submitting galleries to all the other TGP sites is a good way to start. a good idea is besides the links to your TGP on the gallery it is adviced to also slip in a recip button to your TGP site for a few extra hits. The best way to maximise traffic on startup is to create a CJ2 site and feed it with the TGP galleries this will
boost traffic to the trades on it and you can use the exit to send all traffic to your TGP, where in turn you can feed the traffic to your sponsors, galleries and trades on there. That way you get to build up 2 sites at once. TGP and CJ2 are an ideal combination.

A second source to get traffic is from the major linksites like Green Guy, Richard's Realm and Persian Kitty.
This in combination with your trades should bring your TGP to a level where it is worth it to require a recip which
in turn will create a new stream of traffic to your TGP.

Your Recip:

The best way to get maximum effect from your recip button is to make 2 versions:

An animated 120 x 60 button
This is a standard format most used by TGP's. Make sure you make it as small in size as possible to ensure surfers on the gallery will see it. A small thumb with some rotating text on it will work very well and on the right galleries can get you up to 40 hits per gallery.

A table structured text link
This is a good alternative to a recip button as it uses almost no bandwidth which ensures fast loading and with Blink tags or Marquees you can add animation to it, to make it stand out of the page. Try keeping the format to 120 x 60 pixels so it is easy to mix with other recips on galleries.

Your trades:

To get the maximum effect from your trades you try to send them as many hits as possible. a good way to do this is called skimming.

Most traffiic scripts have this function built in where you send all hits to galleries listed through your script. What happens is the first time they click it(which counts as a unique hit) they go to the gallery but the second time they get sent to a trade. This technique in combination with your top refferer list works best on your main page.

Starting A Thumbnail Gallery Post: The Rules
The rules for TGP's and trading are a bit different then CJ-1 and CJ-2 rules. Best way to go is to take the
CJ-2 rules in mind along with the guidelines below
These are the rules when you are running a Thumbnail Gallery Post

If you are using it to post your own galleries, make sure they are licensed This one is obvious I think. Organisations like APIC actively hunt down those that infringe upon copyrights. Make sure that the galleries you list are legal in your area(where your site is hosted). It is your responsibility to make sure you understand the laws in the area your site(s) are hosted.
If you list galleries illegal in that area, you risk serious fines and even prison sentences. Do not exit to your trades
Same as with CJ-2 exit traffic is very low on productivity.
Do not use autobookmarking scripts An obvious one and should go without saying. The above are things you really must follow, below are a few guidelines we feel a good TGP should follow

Keep it simple
Don't create insane type of rules, nobody likes that. Try not to use methods you forbid gallerybuilders to use. If you do it might give webmasters the wrong idea and your blacklist will grow considerably and the time spent to review galleries could easily double!

07-09-2003, 04:23 PM
Nice post:idea:

07-09-2003, 08:09 PM
nice post candyflip.

i think i've seen that tutorial before but i'm not sure where yet. anyway, it's a good advice..

07-15-2003, 03:07 PM
Here some information on how to incorporate avs sites into your empire and why're they're important.

An adult verification site (also known as an Adult Password System or Adult Enterntainment Network) is about working smarter not harder. This means if you have been a TGP webmaster and won't to move into the AVS market, use your existing TGP galleries as the members section so you only have to build a tour. You build an effective 2-3 page tour, use your existing clean gallery, and now you've got an AVS site! Then you promote the hell out of your AVS tour at LL, toplists, etc.

I think AVS a great way to protect content from people that should not be viewing it. But I know webmasters have free sites and tgp galleries so here are other ways to get set up while working smart.

Build a tour with avs script.
Mirror the tour with no avs script.
Build a main members page for ad placement.
Build two 20 image galleries.

With this recipe you can bake:
1 avs site
2 tgp galleries
1 free site

To add some spice to the mix, build an FNP Premium site with 300+ images (or whatever the requirement is for the AVS). Make a nice tour that will pull a lot of clicks, etc. Now on your entire site (see the recipe above) just promote your Premium site. This will cause new members from the free site and TGP galleries to buy a Premium membership and current members to upgrade to a Premium membership instead of going to a sponsor.

"But oh no! I want sponsor links!"
You put your sponsor links in the Premium site. Link to a few porn paysites, link to a DVD or sex toy shop, and link to a "free chat" or "free movie" site (where it's completely free for the surfer but you get paid for private chats or upgrades). Now the existing premium members will purchase from your free chat or sponsor links on the Premium site.

07-16-2003, 08:59 PM
Alright, ill be plain and simple, and not waste anyones time, the best thing to know is not to waste time being fancy and distracting visitors with fancy flash animations and such, you wanna direct the visitor to what you're "selling" kepp their eyes of everything but what you want them to click on, thats all ive got, hope thats understandable

07-17-2003, 04:24 AM
Some really good info. I will understand every single bit of that soon :) :) :) I am going to print now. Thanks for the great info. I know it took along time to write all that and here is my thanks, for sharing the good stuff :beer:

Mr. Goat
07-17-2003, 05:05 AM
Really Good Info Thus Far!

Sunday July 20th at Midnight (12pm) EST

i will close this thread so we can pick a winner

but i will then cut this thread up so we still have all the good advice and i will leave it sticky being that i think this thread is very benifical to everyone!


07-17-2003, 12:42 PM
Here is my tip, running out of good descriptions for your tgp listings or if you submit, I go here and refresh myself with some good phrases.

Words (http://www.communiweb.net/~kysa/htm/002_zzerotic_keywords.htm)