View Full Version : Chubby Girls: need more video content

06-10-2007, 06:01 PM
I'm looking for chubby girls again.

Age: 18+
Ethnicity: black, white, oriental, martians etc.
Height: small, big or very big
License: non-exclusive
Type: video

- min. resolution: 480x360 (512x384 or 640x480 preferred) (no crappy 320x240, it's too small for higher res.)
- no music, ambient sound only like crying, sighing, talking whatever.
- uncut/professionally editted (I hate when a cumshot is cut out from a scene and a person just sees the result)
- video format: WMV
- preferred language: English (US, UK, AU, NZ etc.)

If you shoot this kind of content on exclusive basis, please, contact me to discuss the details. I'm not that rich ass to spend a lot, but still I'm interested in some exclusive/semi-exclusive videos.

Content producers/providers, please, spam me.
Webmasters, if you know anybody who is able to help me, please, have him/her contact me.

Thank you all very much.

p.s. don't PM me, please.