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Mr. Goat
04-10-2007, 04:03 PM

With Mothers Day just around the corner (May 13th) we know just how hard it can be to remember to send your mother that something special.

So we at Medium Pimpin (http://www.mediumpimpin.com) have come up with what we believe to be a unique promotion for all of our webmasters, new and old!

For the period beginning on April 16 and ending on April 31st each sale you send to ANY of our sites
(Yes that’s right ANY site, no strings attached)
Medium Pimpin (http://www.mediumpimpin.com) will help you climb the sales ladder to claim something nice for your mother.

We will take care of everything! All you need to do is send some sales then email us when the period is over.
From there we can confirm your sales and then we can set up your gift.
This gift will look and act as if it came straight from you with your own personal message!
There will be no mention of Medium Pimpin or anything Adult so that way your privacy is protected!

Remember we are also giving away $50 signup bonus to all new accts during the month of April and offer is also extended to anyone who has yet to send any sales!
Please visit this thread for more information on that: http://bbs.mediumpimpin.com/showthread.php?t=52672

** We are also open to the idea of a gift that might not be listed here, please just hit us up and let’s work something out **

10 to 15 Sales Get your Mother Any ONE Of These 4 Bouquets

Basket Of Cheer Bouquet................................Pink Beauty Azalea Topiary
http://www.modelsgonebad.com/mailman/40_1.jpg http://www.modelsgonebad.com/mailman/40_2.jpg

.....Todd Oldham™ Popping Pink Bouquet...........Medium Stemmed Mixed Color Rose Bouquet
http://www.modelsgonebad.com/mailman/40_3.jpg http://www.modelsgonebad.com/mailman/40_4.jpg

16 to 25 Sales Get your Mother Any ONE Of These 4 Delecious Treats

Especially for Mom Love.................................Tray Just for MOM Tower
http://www.modelsgonebad.com/mailman/50_1.jpg http://www.modelsgonebad.com/mailman/50_2.jpg

Mrs. Beasley's® Mother's Day Cupcakes....................Harry and David® Floral Cookies......
http://www.modelsgonebad.com/mailman/50_3.jpg http://www.modelsgonebad.com/mailman/50_4.jpg

26 Sales + Gets Your Mother Any One Bouquet and One Treat!

Thank you once again to everyone for their great support!
We are looking forward to working with you all and releasing some more unique promotions in the weeks to come.

Rules Of This Promo Are Simple:

Sales Can Be Sent To Any Of Our Sites
Sales Can Be Either RevShare or PPS
Email Must Be Sent To Claim Your Gift Before May 7th 11:59Pm ( mailman@mediumpimpin.com )

VISIT US TODAY: MEDIUM PIMPIN (http://www.mediumpimpin.com)