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07-07-2006, 02:54 AM
Why is it wrong to be worth more than just being a human being? I understand that some cultures have no desire to evolve or better themselves. I have absolutely no problem with that. In fact I respect it in some ways. But why is it always Americaís responsibility to bail them out when they get fucked over?

I was re watching an old episode of The West Wing. Itís a really good episode and one of the story lines was that one African tribe was basically slaughtering the other. Itís a two parter and I just watched the first part but at last count over 15,000 had been slaughtered and those that haven't have been forced to sleep in their neighbors bed. The whole situation is fucked basically, the government basically has no right to jump in but the whole world is just sitting back and watching and waiting for the US to react.

It made me think a few things. One, why isn't the rest of the world doing something about it? Why doesn't Canada send a few Mounties over there? Why doesn't Australia or Mexico send over some help to stop the bloodshed? But, no, shit like that is never the question it's always, why isn't America doing anything?

It reminded me of the Tsunami the year before last. It was like 3 days after and the media was there of course. They show a bunch of people from some fucking village that had been devastated. Pretty much nothing was left of their huts. I couldn't believe the damage but then one of these guys devastated by the tsunami shouts out, "Where is America?"

Where is America? This fucker lives in a shit hole, in a country he had to have known has absolutely no disaster plan whatsoever. And, yet his fist thing to complain about was where is America? I don't recall anyone affected in Katrina crying out "where is Sri Lanka!"

So any ways, I don't think we should ever sit by and watch as thousands get slaughtered for no reason. I don't care if they have money, no money or are still eating each other. But it pains me that the same people that say America should step in and save the day every damn time; they say it for one reason and one reason only. Because we can. We as Americans and most other civilized cultures have stuff. We love stuff. We live for getting newer and better stuff. We thrive on it. One of the benefits of having lots of stuff is that you can do things. You don't have to really worry about 20,000 Americans or Canadians or Englishman getting slaughtered by some dumbfucks in our streets.

The simple fact of life that no one wants to accept is that the basic law of nature applies to us all. Only the strong will survive and it affects us all. The problem with America and a few other countries is they don't understand that and will probably never understand that. They allow the stupid thrive. Almost every new law we pass is something we don't and its only goal is to protect the stupid. We have to warn people not to drink bleach because it will kill them. We have to warn not to shower with a hair dryer. We think how great would it be to live in a world with no worries, where we don't have to worry about things that can hurt us because if they could hurt us, there would be a warning or it wouldn't be allowed so if it is allowed it can't be harmful.

It reminds me of my ex-wife. At the time we were just kids and dating, I was 16 she was 18. Weíre riding our bikes from her house to my house. She swerves out in to the middle of the road and I'm like wtf are you doing, you're gonna get your ass run over by a car. Now in her defense there weren't any cars out there at that exact moment but still it's not a bright thing to do. She turns to me and says, "They'll stopĒ Now what kinda attitude is that? I wouldn't stop? I aim for people like that. Itís my little way of doin society a favor.

We have got to accept the fact that for as beautiful as the world can look at times it also just as brutal. People need to think and learn and move on to bigger and better things. It should be encouraged. And, any culture that refuses to help to grow, that refuses to evolve then that is their choice. Itís not my fucking job to swoop in and save their dumb asses because they aren't fucking bright enough to learn how to defend themselves. That being said, I think it the responsibility of every human being in every civilized country to swoop and save them or at the very least help them if they want it. We all sit back and do nothing all the time. We don't vote, we just complain. Its about time we start choosing better leaders and expecting more from them. Because this last election was a fucking joke. Bush won because the best the democrats could come up with was Kerry. A brain dead Herman Munster looking mother fucker. That was it, he was the choice. I sat and was in shock that my choice for president was a born again wacko Christian who believes God told him to go to war or weak political figure and coward whose only smart move in his life was to marry well. And I voted for Herman Munster. That is just so very sad. If Bush had any self respect heíd shut up, listen to his advisers and wait for the next president to be elected. he should then drive back Texas spend the day with his family then walk out in a field all alone and blow his own brains out. And, when I say brains, I was being nice. I know if he would do that their would just be the load popping sound of all the hot air escaping from his dumb fucking dome.


I am smart and like to hear myself talk.

07-07-2006, 03:12 AM
I feel ya, but the world waits for us for 2 reasons usually.

1. They specifically ask us for help (which is usually the case)
2. They expect us to help, because why? we ALWAYS do...

Personally, I think if we're always going to tell everyone what to do, how to do it and always act like the big brother to the planet, then it should be our responsibility to do so to some extent. We can't expect the world to heed to our morals and way of life (which is what the US does, imposes its morals and way of life on other cultures) and not do anything for them. Do I agree with this? Not so much.. I think we have enough problems of our own that need attention, but as long as we're gonna try to mold the cultures of the world, we're gonna have to step up and care for them too

07-07-2006, 03:18 AM
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I think the YOU CUM NOW story would leak out, he'd have no shot :(

Mr. Blue
07-07-2006, 03:51 AM
That was a mouthful. Here's my take on it:

America has set itself up for failure because we've broken a tradition which we should have stuck to...Isolationism. Yeah that's right, we shouldn't be getting ourselves involved in foreign disputes that have absolutely 0% U.S. interest involved.

Prior to WWI the U.S. had it right. Stay the fuck out of Europe, keep out of foreign affairs, build America. DUH, that's what we should be doing now.

I feel horrible when a kid is starving in some African country, it breaks my heart, but what about the U.S. kid that starving and we just overlook it because domestic poverty doesn't make the fucking nightly news. What about our education system that's failing our children, but we're building schools in the desert so the kids can learn how to hate Americans with their twisted fundamentalist asswipe religion. Do we give a shit that we don't have medical coverage for everyone in the states, but we're building hospitals in other countries. Yay, way to screw your people over.

Another thing, why the shit are we forgiving debts? Some shithole country takes a loan out and can't repay it, then you have some bitch celebrity getting on the tv saying, "Boo hoo we should forgive the debt to help these people out"...Seriously, celebrity, fuck off. Go eat your $600 dollar lunch and then lecture the U.S. government on forgiving debts. Will anyone forgive the U.S. debt? Hell no, why should we?

What does the U.S. get out of all this? Non-STOP bitching. We do nothing, we get shit, we do something, we get even more shit. One finger salute to the world, deal with your crap, we're taking our toys and we're going HOME. When Europe is unified under one government, talk to us, the wars would start around 10 years after U.S. returned to isolationism. When Asia is under one government, let us know, we'll set up a brunch or something. Oh and Mexico, you're a state now, fuck crossing the border, we're taking you over...you can't govern yourself, we'll do it for you...I'll even learn a little Spanish to ease the transition. Good luck. Goodnight. Don't call us, we'll call you.

07-07-2006, 04:58 AM
I think the YOU CUM NOW story would leak out, he'd have no shot :(
He didn't shoot, that was the whole point of the story.

Which isn't anything to be ashamed of. He's got staying power our Bullet. I think Clinton would be proud of him too.

On a side note, I think Bullet should do a blog. Of course continue doing it here, but the rest of the world could also be exposed to his explosions.

07-07-2006, 11:33 AM
He didn't shoot, that was the whole point of the story.

Which isn't anything to be ashamed of. He's got staying power our Bullet. I think Clinton would be proud of him too.

On a side note, I think Bullet should do a blog. Of course continue doing it here, but the rest of the world could also be exposed to his explosions.doesnt matter, presidential candidates should be able to cum on command and bullet lacks that quality

07-07-2006, 12:30 PM
doesnt matter, presidential candidates should be able to cum on command and bullet lacks that quality
He's a gentleman. He always lets the ladies cum first.