View Full Version : What do Vegas and the "Windy City" have in common?

01-03-2006, 05:27 PM

For you old timers, and pre-internet dudes, you may well remember one of the 1st and finest online purveyors of porn,
The Windy City BBS.
When the internet came along Windy City was shut down, and the owner decided to get into World Wide Wanking.
Specializing in Asian Porn, he has now got an affiliate program Called Methodcash
So, it's time to start pushing your Asian Loving traffic our way! (You know you have some) :)

Last minute, spur of the moment, only thought about it for 3 weeks, and finally decided that everybody's worth it decision..

Therefore, on January 5th 2006, Methodcash formally invites all Methodcash affiliates +1 guest,
to the 1st annual Steak (or whatever) & Beer dinner..

Location: Outback Steak house, part of the Casino Royale Hotel, which is right beside the Venetian.

Time: 6:30pm till fucked if I know...

This will give everyone who wishes to attend enough time to "S,S,& S" after the show, have some grub,
some time to bullshit, and still leave enough time to make the other parties that start later in the night..

RSVP is appreciated via email mcadmin (at) methodcash.com, if you're gonna show up.

We hope to see you guys there, and, well, yeah....
If you still dunno who we are, Check us out at http://www.methodcash.com .
Zipped content, FHG, personal support, and exclusive content for good promoters.
Over 10 years in business, and still getting better!

01-03-2006, 06:05 PM
Ohh Drovers chicken platter sounds good right about now.