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10-11-2003, 08:06 PM
We now have over 20 template styles to chose from for GMGB with Html or Jpeg link feature for GMGB,

We also just added a dozen new ones for Nude Idols, just login to MP and grab what you need or send us an e-mail and we will send them once a week with your code in the pages!

Also all webmaster links in the hosted pages will give you credit for any webmaster joins!

A few samples below!

GMGB Pink A (http://www.glamourmodelsgonebad.com/scriptrevshare/gallery.php?goto=:id=100002:tpl=pink1a)

GMGB Orange 2 (http://www.glamourmodelsgonebad.com/scriptrevshare/gallery.php?goto=tylerfoxblack_m:mid=100002:tpl=or ange2)

GMGB Pink White (http://www.glamourmodelsgonebad.com/scriptrevshare/gallery.php?goto=:id=100002:tpl=pinkwhite)

NI Pink (http://www.nudeidols.com/partners/gallery.php?goto=ivybw_rr:mid=100002:tpl=pink4n)

NI Pink 1 (http://www.nudeidols.com/partners/gallery.php?goto=lillyannpants_ff:mid=100002:tpl=p ink1n)