View Full Version : Judge orders woman to stop screaming during sex

07-08-2003, 06:45 PM
For every activity, there is an extreme. On one end of the spectrum is the man or woman who climaxes with utterly no indication to his or her partner. On the other end is a lusty couple in Treviso, Italy, who made so much noise that a family living next door took them to court. For four years the neighbors endured the groans, squeals and screaming orgasms of a woman in her 20s.

The neighbors won an injunction demanding complete silence when the couple makes love. But in an appeal hearing, the hubby explained to Judge Ermanno Tristano, "I can't make love properly unless my wife screams. It's like having sex with a cushion." The judge overturned the injunction and told them they could make noise -- but not much noise. Otherwise, it's off to jail.