View Full Version : Confusion About Crissy :)

08-21-2004, 12:13 AM
1. The site never left MP, we gave webmasters 45 days on March 1st to pull links because Crissy wanted to promote the site in a different way.

2. We kept the site running waiting for Crissy or another program to take it over, this enabled us to keep paying on webmaster re-bills.

3. We have re-added the site to the backend all old links that webmasters did not pull will work again

4. When we did pull the links on April 15th they were redirected to another MP site, webmaster still got credit for all sales.

5. Why is it back, well I would like to think more trust was built between us, payouts were run on time and we stayed solid, kinda rare in this business :)