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06-30-2016, 11:24 AM
Pretty Dirty Tips

If you’re looking to convert your traffic into memberships for Pretty Dirty, we’d like to offer some insight into what is working for us!

If you are a clip cutter, try to show some of the taboo stories and/or family role play at the beginning of the clip. Series and story driven content is on the rise. We find banners or images that illustrate the story driven aspects of these taboo scenes, convert much better than simply a sex shot, or a glamor shot (like the images above).

If you run a blog, simply describing the scene will provide great text content. Remember: Google loves original text, so don't be shy to write out some sentences and watch your ranking get better.

Check out the banners and GIFs available in your stats, and don’t hesitate to contact us (webmaster@famedollars.com) if you need anything.


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06-30-2016, 02:44 PM
Nice work as always!