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09-05-2011, 07:57 AM
http://mediumpimpin.com/promo/ameliatalon_releasepromo.jpg (http://www.ameliatalon.com)

Medium Pimpin releases new solo site Amelia Talon!

Is She Sexy Or What?
Amelia has been turning heads since she got into the business,
and now you can pimp her fine petite ass through Medium Pimpin!

Affiliate payouts range from $25-$30 PPS or 60% revenue share.
Medium Pimpin will provide hosted galleries, banners and zipped content.
You may also contact us for review passes.

Contact ICQ: 158791849
Contact Email: mailman@mediumpimpin.com

Sample Gallery #1 (http://revs.ameliatalon.com/Amelia_Talon/Lace-Lingerie/) | Sample Gallery #2 (http://revs.ameliatalon.com/Amelia_Talon/Netted-Stockings/)

Medium Pimpin Affiliates (http://nats.mediumpimpin.com)
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A.J. Angel
09-05-2011, 09:51 AM
Congratulations. :)

How did you have her landed at Medium Pimpin'? I never imagined a Playboy model would be part of the program one day. :D

Bringin' back good memories. I loved her since I discovered as a Playboy Coed back in May. :cool: