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06-24-2004, 09:35 AM
PussyCash (www.pussycash.com) is at it again- giving away at least $5000 in CA$H to celebrate the launch of ten new niche sites at ImLive.com. Starting today and over the next 15 days only, PussyCash (www.pussycash.com) and ImLive are doing something that's never been done before in any of the leading adult Boards! It goes like this:

A. Every day, we are going to post a new fact about PussyCash (www.pussycash.com) and its affiliate program sites in the leading adult webmaster boards. The first fact post will immediately follow this one, with today's cash prize.
B. Reply to the post, as many times as you want, with all the following:
1. Repeat the posted fact. You can copy/paste it, but do not use the "quote" function.
2. Add a cool comment that relates to the posted fact, PussyCash (www.pussycash.com) or ImLive.
3. Sign the post with your PussyCash (www.pussycash.com) username.
C. Every day, we will choose one reply that we thought was the funniest, most original or simply the best - and that webmaster will WIN $$CASH$$!
D. There's more! Every day we'll also award $$CASH$$ to one webmaster who quotes another webmaster and adds his/her own worthy comment. So by creating a super twosome combination, you can also win cash!

These are the rules: :rock:
1. In order to be eligible to win the money, you must have a valid PussyCash account, with all the correct signup info before you post anything - otherwise we have no way to pay you if you win!
2. The cash prizes each day may vary, but total prizes will equal at least $5000. The first day's winners will receive $500 for the best reply and $200 for the best reply to another webmaster's quote.
3. Every day's competition lasts from the moment we post a new fact until 12:00 noon ET the following day. We will then post a link to that day's winners and the new fact.
4. The competition lasts 15 days only if the Board allows it - it is rendered void if the board cancels, bans, deletes etc. the thread.
5. You must include your PussyCash username in any post you submit in order to get your money.
6. You don't have to send traffic to PussyCash to win in this contest.
7. PussyCash has the right to quote any posts that are part of this competition wherever we choose along with your PussyCash username
8. Employees of PussyCash and ImLive (and family members of said employees) are ineligible to win prizes in this competition.
To learn about the sites, visit PussyCash (www.pussycash.com) and ImLive (www.ImLive.com)

Today's first fact post is coming up next... Good Luck! :clap:

About PussyCash.com
PussyCash.com is one of the web's most lucrative adult webmaster affiliation programs. The program promotes dozens of top industry converting sites covering a wide range of categories that include Adult Matchmaking, VideoChat, MegaContent and Specialized Niche Sites. PussyCash also manages the affiliation programs of premium branded adult sites like ImLive.com, Sex2Go.com, Sexier.com, and Fantasymatch.com. Original promotional material is created and tested by experts with years of experience in the field and a team that cares about affiliate success is always available for support. Affiliates earn $32 - $40 per sign-up (as well as for exit traffic) and in addition to bi-monthly payments, receive regular credit bonuses at ImLive.com, one of the web's largest VideoChat arenas. You can visit the site at PussyCash (www.pussycash.com) :guitar:

06-24-2004, 09:45 AM
You can find the FACT for today (the 24th)
Here (http://bbs.mediumpimpin.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=10768)