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12-22-2010, 11:49 AM
Inside Reality & Outside Perception

Outside Perception

Your Outside Perception is the way your company is viewed by prospective customers. This is based on any communication you have with them. Advertising, marketing, sales efforts all form your Outside Perception.

Inside Reality

Your Inside Reality is the actual value you bring to the marketplace. This is based on your products or services, your quality, your people, your systems, your service, etc. A good Inside Reality can be developed by anticipating customer wants and needs and developing your business to meet them. To create an outstanding Inside Reality, you’ve got to live by the credo, “Victory goes to the one with superior forces at the point of contact.”
-Chinese Proverb

PROBLEM: Most companies’ Inside Reality & Outside Perception don’t match up. In the following days and weeks we'll show you how to do this using our marketing system.

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